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Lay back, relax, and let go as TheArtOfTranquility releases another sonic stream to ease and lull you into deep sleep, Relaxation, relief from anxiety and stress, and better focus for study and work are the goals of this enhanced soundtrack,  the musical score to the Big Bang, the Beginning of Beginnings, 

Our track is fashioned after the sound recorded by Robert Wilson and Arno Penzias at Bell Labs in 1964, the sound believed to be the afterglow of the biggest bang in history. We now know this sound was caused by the first photons to be released after the Big Bang, the remnants of which still pervade the cosmos as radio waves. The attached sound is our enhanced reproduction of the sound Wilson kept on his cellphone as a reminder, a half century after his famous discovery.

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The Art of Tranquility is your best online source for acoustic environments that help with sleep, focus, study, and concentration.

Noise can interrupt sleep, and interrupted sleep is less restorative. Undesirable noise, like air and vehicle traffic that doesn’t disturb sleep can still affect sleep by changing the time we spend in different sleep stages, increasing lighter sleep stages and decreasing more restorative slow wave and REM sleep. A very popular solution is to mask unwanted noise with a more desirable acoustic environment. Many find that masking background noise helps to distract from anxious or intrusive thoughts and readies the mind for sleep. Sound therapies are a proven solution for help with Sleep, Relaxation, Focus, Meditation, Study, Insomnia and Sleep Disorders, Stress Relief, and Anxiety.

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Closely monitor sound levels – volume too high can make sleep difficult. Sound levels too high can make sleep difficult. We recommend a volume around 50-60 decibels, approximately the volume of moderate rainfall or quiet conversation. An app to measure sound level can be easily found wherever you download apps. The search phrase ‘sound level meter’ should produce multiple results.

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